For the use of systems on this site which require sign in, which include but are not limited to commenting, uploading, voting, and messaging, you agree to terms of this site's service.


By using these services you agree that you are terminating your right to bring civil cases against other users of this site for any purpose relating to their use of this system, or this site's owners for the same reason, or to be a party to any case for the same reason. This includes but is not limited to harassment, defamation, NDA(non-disclosure agreement), slander, and copyright or trademark infringement. Exceptions to the agreement of these terms under the indemnification header are given to site staff, owners, operators, and administrators, and users who's only use of the sign-in system is to advertize.


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The duration for this agreement is for 11 months. You agree that by making use of our sign-in system you renew your current agreement.