About GVid

Gvid is an experiment for a low cost, content neutral replacement for Youtube. Three factors make Gvid low cost. A great degree of effort in the backend to make all io asynchronous to maximize utilization of hardware. A SmartLRU designed with link aggregators in mind to remove the cost of nearly unviewed high resolution material. Automation of processes that would traditionally be done by a person or team of people (calculating ideal advertisement pricing).

Why is low cost important?  Because being revenue hungry and investment hungry reduces the independence of a site. Some hunger is good but every dollar spent is another ounce of being beholdent to outside influences. Gvid is a project for an independent web with freedom of expression as it's main value. Obviously zero cost is not possible but getting closer to it is better for user rights.

The other unique factor of GVid is an absolutely content neutral content policy. Some may have a cow but I believe better contextual video suggestions can solve the problem of allowing all content that people want to express while also keeping mature minded individuals as happy. This is not so difficult a task to perform better than Youtube in some regards. Youtube's choice to suggest videos that you've already watched and promotion of certain videos comes at the expense of proper categorization. This is akin to the modern search engine problem that engines that understand semantic meaning cannot always resolve very specific requests. You cannot have both consistently. Currently the suggest feature's success is limited. I am very happy with the algorithm but we lack the traffic needed to resolve user preferences as well as we could. We also need more content to increase the similarity of suggestions. I have a strong belief in its algorithm but we currently lack the use data needed to drive it as successfully as it could be.

In short if it is a video you can host it here. It is up to our suggestion engine and other's maturity to reduce the imagined ramifications of allowing others to have a voice.

For more information about how this project was started read here.

Why creators should use us


We do not have advertising running at the moment but we do have goals.

The most primary difference is that we intend to give uploaders the opportunity to control their own ad space. This is to combat Youtube's recent policy of de-monetizing political content. We want to give content creators the absolute guarantee that if they have eyes that want to see them and advertisers that want to work with them, the opportunity of earning money after having created so much value for others should exist without hamper.

We are not there yet. The development of this system will have stages which we see as an opportunity to give back to the communities that helped build GVid and to the content creators. The first step will be to make advertising on the site free. This applies to general ads (also known as site wide ads) and uploader ads (ads specific to an uploader). First members of social sites that have supported GVid will be able to advertise any project they are interested in for free. Next the site wide ad purchase system will come in but they will still be able to replace the ads with their own on any video they've uploaded still for free while uploader ads are still in development.

DMCA and takedown

Or dmca system can be accessed at /dmca. Feedback from improving that system is something we are always open to. A quick write up about it can be found at https://voat.co/v/gvid/1649103. Providing feedback is best done on voat.co but emails are welcome too. We do hope to validate that you are someone who can speak on behalf of the copyright owner. Unlike youtube, if you allow us to keep the video up we transfer monitization (once monitization is in) from the moment the video was uploaded rather than from the time of the request.

Future developments

We have features that we are in the process of implementing, on top of the standard expectations of a Youtube style site, the top of our most soon anticipated developments will be we will a CDN, and an upload system that allows navigation and resume. We have just added a nested comment system.

We hope that we can enjoy this experiment together, of what a truly content neutral site looks like. It will be different than anything currently running. Youtube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion cannot make the same claim so we truly are different. Please help us make this possible.


How do I log in or make an account

Simply perform any action that would require being signed in to preform. Upload a video, post a comment, vote on a comment. If you are not signed in the system will sign you in in place. Registration can be done just as easily as logging in and can be done on all sign-in forms.

Prohibited content

Unlike youtube you can say what you want. Speech is something that will never get you in trouble. We do not allow porn on the site. To see a list of what is banned look at sexual content policy.


If you have feedback or need assistance with anything you can reach us at [email protected]